About Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. The land of serendipity brings spiritual tranquility and a chance to rediscover oneself. The beauty of this tiny island is simply breath-taking. Known for its enchanting ancient ruins, mountainous landscape, colorful festivals, thrilling water sports, dense wild-life, and diverse ethnicity and off the top hospitality from the local residents, Sri Lanka is bound to make you come back again.


Weather and Climates in Sri Lanka



The Climate in Sri Lanka is tropical and consists of very distinctive dry and wet seasons. The average temperature of Sri Lanka usually ranges from 28 – 32 degrees Celsius which may differ due to global weather conditions as a whole. The temperature can vary from being as low as 16 degrees Celsius in Nuwara Eliya which belongs to the central highlands and to as high as 32 degrees in Batticaloa along the Eastern coast of the island. However there are certain areas along the coast that are cooled by the ocean breezes. The coldest months according to the mean monthly temperature are December and January while the warmest months are April and August.



Rainfall in Sri Lanka consists of Monsoonal, convectional and expressional while the monsoons play a major role in the share of the annual rainfall. The mean annual rainfall is less than 900mm in the South-eastern and north-western (driest) parts of the island to over 5000mm in the western slopes and the central highlands.